Recommendation to Parents (discipline)

  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity, punctuality and a sense of discipline in their children
  2. Parents are particularly expected to sign messages,remarks, progress reports or any other similar documents when requested. They should keep an eye on the late attendance report, etc. in the calendar.
  3. If the pupil is absent through illness for more than two days the Principal must be informed at once. Explanation for absence should be written in ink in school calendar only. This should be precise and not vague, such as ‘ill’, ‘sick’, etc.
  4. Parents are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or contact number.
  5. When communicating with Headmaster/Principal parents are requested to mention in their letters the name, standard and division of their children
  6. It is needless to state that the active co-operation of the parents is required in all academic formative and summative activities of the pupil. Serious note will be taken of it if the parents do not collect the report cards made available from time to time or do not report to the Principal when specifically requested to. No complaints need to be made if further action is taken without notice.
  7. Parents have the opportunity to acquaint themselves regarding the progress of their wards during the Parents Meet arranged from time to time. Parents are also called to discuss with the Principal and the teachers their problems regarding the progress of their ward. Hence, unfortunately an untoward incident takes place owing to the school implementing its rules for conduct, promotion, etc., the school will not be responsible.
  8. Results are declared normally by posting the report cards at the end of the academic year. Parents are advised and earnestly forewarned that they must be supportive of their ward to accept whatever results declared.
  9. This school insists on uniformity pattern, color and material in the school uniform. To ensure this, the uniform material is made available and the Uniforms are displayed in the school book stall.
  10. Modesty in dressing is highly appreciated, especially on birthdays. The students will be asked to return home if dress is found to be immodest.
  11. No mobile or electronic devices are allowed in the school.
  12. The students will not be allowed to leave the premises during the school working hours without an accompanying parent.
  13. Multi color sweaters, windcheaters or jackets are not appreciated. Only maroon color sweaters are allowed.
  14. Bringing of Gutka, pan , tobacco or any intoxicating drinks will lead to suspension and even dismissal from the School.
  15. Attendance on re-opening day is compulsory.

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