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‘Where there is a Parliament , there has to be an Event!’

The parliamentarians of Fatima have a tradition to organize events and extra curricular activities. In the following way, fatimaites showcase their talents –

Here are some of the events organised by the 2015-16 Parliament :

  • The Musical Event  –

Every year ‘Talent Show’ is organised by Michael Sir. In this event students showcase their singing ability and ability to play instruments.

  • Football Match –

              Every year the Parliament organises one athletic event. This current Parliament organised a ‘Football Tournament’. This was done with the help of Marcos Quay , the official sports organizer.

  • Swachh Fatima Mission –

               As we all know about the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ introduced by the Prime Minister of India, even we insist on having one such event in our School. So, the Parliament’s Prime Minister and Opposition leader present you the ‘Swachh Fatima Mission‘.

              This event will be conducted from 29th Feb., 2016 to 6th March, 2016. The students from Grade 5th to 9th will be keeping their classes as clean as possible. At the end of the week, concerned authorities will be coming to inspect the classes. One class from each Grade will be declared as ‘Cleanest Class’ of the Month and will be awarded.

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